Picture of Isis Isis            

         On July 6, 1999 this healthy and uninjured 10 yr old female Akita, Isis,  died very shortly after being released from a VetSmart/PetSmart (also known as Banfield) facility in Virginia Beach , VA. She was brought in to VetSmart/PetSmart(Banfield) to be monitored after a procedure (x-rays only) she had there the day before.  She was treated and released to me by Jerry Farris, DVM, Chief of Staff at the time, as fit to leave the facility, however, one hour later after leaving VetSmart/PetSmart(Banfield), she had to be taken to an emergency veterinarian for examination and subsequent euthanasia.....  Read details here!!  Please be aware that this veterinarian, Jerry Farris, is now practicing at : Animal Care Center - 3501 Holland Rd in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

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